Humankind Puzzle "Gladiator"

Morituri te salutant

In Humankind, you've made an expansive choice with the martial nation of the Romans, because under the right leadership, the Roman Empire grows faster than an olive tree in the blazing Mediterranean sun.
Reach out and force other nations to join you in the empire, or feed them to the lions. To keep your civilization in good spirits, organize opulent festivities and gladiatorial battles, in which you'll send prisoners and slaves into deadly man-to-man combat.
Humankind Puzzle shows two gladiators in the sun-flooded arena of a colosseum, where the deadly games were held for the amusement of the people.
Wearing the typical fighting clothes of the gladiators, you will witness an explosive fight, which will have serious consequences for both opponents.

With this 1000-piece puzzle, you can bring home the dreadless gladiators as an impressive artwork. 


Historical, Strategy, Turn-Based
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