Videogame merchandise with dedication

DPI Merchandising GmbH stands for video game merchandise with love to the detail, highest quality standards and passion for the origins of the respective licenses. Gamers know and appreciate our products for their outstanding longevity and detailed designs.

Don’t compromise when it comes to your gaming merchandise - the fanbase only deserves the best! Our three pillars of execution ensure the right handling of each IP: Design, Manufacturing and Distribution – These are all handled by our own internal teams to personally fine-tune our products for the satisfaction of the consumers, retailers and IP-holder alike. Furthermore, our merchandise is created to endure actual use: We prioritize premium materials and functional product designs before the best price.

One of our specialties lies within the versatility of our merchandise-range. We take care to create unique product ranges for every license: Stylish clothing, detailed figurines or realistic replicas of ingame-items - We take the time to analyze the special quirks of the featured games and build around these concepts to create amazing products.

Our team shares a passion for videogames and gathered experience in the market of licensed merchandise dating back to the late 90s. With this knowledge and passion, we will make sure each license is represented professionally and the merchandise amazes the fans, from the core to the casual.

These are the three pillars of our mission in detail:



The design of our merchandise lays the most important ground-work for the success of each product. With this mindset, our design department researches each license and carefully creates their products out of the individual traits of each brand and license. Which consumer groups represent most fans of the license, how can we use the individual elements of it to create a unique product and how is each brand represented? These and many more details are being implemented during the designing process of all our products.

Every single product is reviewed in multi-leveled approval processes during the different stages of its design, and is being revised until everything is satisfactory for each involved party. We know and highly respect every license as a brand: Designs from within the games will be recreated with the highest level of detail and we make sure to fulfil all requirements and integrate special wishes of our license-partners. And not only the products themselves, but also the packaging and possible presentation is an integral part of our design concepts and will make sure the products are a tempting purchase for every fan of the license.

We ultimately aim to create a wide and interesting range of products for every brand to reach as many consumers as possible. From basic product-type up to highly specialized items for the franchise, from small gifts up to sought-after collector’s items. Getting the spirit of a license straight into the merchandise, as well as surpassing ourselves with each new product line - That’s the drive of our product design.



The wide range of different merchandise-types requires the backup of many different factories from all kind of industry branches. No matter if we need knitting facilities, plastic injection, professional studios, a factory for filigree technology, or many other variants of sources, our network of manufacturing options is deep and well connected.

Our long-lasting business relationships with many different factories assures our clients a product quality way above the industry-standard for affordable prices.

We work very close with our factories and exchange samples and feedback regularly, until the product is 100% as desired. Our partners know our high standards and we know their best traits - so no matter which product type, ranging from smaller treats up till high-end collector item, we can realize it!



Once the merchandise is ready to ship, our professionals in the sales-team will make sure the merchandise will find its way straight into the right hands, no matter what. We are well-connected with large distributors and gaming retailers all around the world, with long-established and well-maintained business-relationships dating back up until the late 90s.

Our office and warehouse is located in the heart of the Bavaria, close to Munich. Thanks to the optimal infrastructure and a selection of specialized forwarders, we can handle our shipments as quick and efficient as possible and get the products to any destination.

Our sales-team is well-informed about our target audiences, as well as loved classics and current hypes of the gaming world. We keep our partners updated via newsletters and individual regular offers from our selection of merchandise. Furthermore, with our various attendances at trade shows, licensing events and a large variety of bigger gaming fairs, we are always striving to connect with new clients on a regular basis.