Payment conditions
The default condition is payment in advance, but please get in touch with your sales contact if you should need a different payment terms and our accounting will look into it. We offer payment via wire transfer, PayPal and credit card - simply communicate your preferred payment method with us and we'll give further support. Preordered products are not invoiced before the physical units are ready to ship.

Shipping conditions
Our warehouse is located in Austria and our shipping terms are EXW. To make things easy for you, we will take care about the forwarding and offer both package and pallet shipping worldwide through our professional logistic partners.
If you are located outside of the EU, we are of course able to prepare all needed export documents for you. If you need an express delivery, we can help with that, too! Should you prefer to ship your goods through your own logistic partners, it’s of course no issue. Simply let us know!
Never worry about the forwarding if you trade with us, we have a reasonable solution for everyone.