Humankind Mousepad "Iroquois"

Creative as your journey across Humankind!

In the historical strategy game Humankind you create your nation out of various cultures.
Youll start in the late Neolithic Age and fight your way through the Ancient World, the Middle Ages and many other epochs. At each change of era, youll pick a new culture to shape your nation into the most successful civilization ever seen.

Where else will you have the opportunity to build the Sistine Chapel as a Native American nation and create the famous painting 'The Creation of Adam'? Get this Mouse Pad to show exactly this curious scene, which is quite normal in Humankind.
Featuring all sorts of scope for experimentation, no 4X game offers more variety and possibilities to bring your nation to the top.

Due to the extra-large design, the mouse pad offers enough space for your keyboard and mouse and turns your setup into a real piece of art. Thanks to the specially developed Silk-Seal finish, we combine perfect functionality with long-lasting color splendor. Your accuracy and micromanagement will benefit from the non-slip base and increased glide of your mouse.



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