DOOM Eternal Figurine "Mini Arachnotron"

The towers, aim for the towers!

The apocalyptic dimension from DOOM Eternal was brutal enough without those Arachnotrons, now we have to deal with the genetic heirs of the Spider Mastermind!
These nasty spiders are nimble and, with their gun turrets, really put the squeeze on aspiring DOOM slayers.
However, if you manage to take out the turrets with a well-aimed sticky bomb, they may come closer than you'd like.
Only if you can defeat all the enemies will you have a chance to find the well-hidden in-game collectibles, including this stylish replica of the Arachnotron.

A truly ghoulish figure, found in the depths of hell!

This figure can be found in the game DOOM Eternal, but we've taken that bit out of your hands. Experience a piece of hell for your home with this high quality and detailed collectible figure. The pink brain-like body is framed by an impulse-controlled exoskeleton, the turret protrudes admonishingly from its ... well... spine.
Anyone who has traversed the eerie chasms of the universe will appreciate this trove. A shiny metallic paint job elevates this absolutely captivating figure to a whole new level, collectors and DOOM enthusiasts will be licking their claws for it.


But beware:

Only 1200 pieces are available worldwide!



  • Detailed sculpt and paint job
  • Official replica of the figure in the game
  • Mini Arachnotron sticker included
Note: Collectible item - this is not a toy!


Action, First-Person Shooter, Shooter
Product Type
Collectible and decorative figure for young people and adults aged 14 and over. Keep out of the reach of children.