DOOM Eternal Figure "Mini Archvile"

All secrets uncovered? We still have some left for you!

For all those who can't get enough! The next wave of DOOM Eternal mini collectible figures has arrived on Earth.
Even the toughest DOOM Slayers despair at the Archvile because these powerful beings are magically gifted and heal or summon ally demons. This makes them tough opponents to steer clear of...if you could!

The collecting mania continues - Now even in your reality!

This Mini Figure series is modelled after the toys you can find throughout DOOM Eternal's campaign.
Sometimes in the most remote places, sometimes sheltered by masses of enemies - You won't get the precious collectibles as easy as now.



Action, First-Person Shooter, Shooter
Product Type
Collectible and decorative figure for young people and adults aged 14 and over. Keep out of the reach of children.