Road 96 Wallscroll "Keyart"

Road 96 - the route of freedom!

With an incredibly exciting story and varied gameplay, the adventure game Road 96 can convince on every level. Slip into the role of a teenager on the run. The politically shaken country only offers freedom for few, so the border is your only chance.
Whether youre at home or at the office right now, this canvas poster will always give you a view of the highway to fortune - the Road 96.

This poster on fabric is your window to freedom, you can see the cover of the game consisting of the Road 96 and the logo of the game.

Canvas posters impress with the finest quality, lightweight fabric between aluminum rods and a high-quality look, away from conventional posters.

  • Dimensions: 84.1 cm x 59.4 cm
  • Material: Canvas
  • Year: 2022
  • Officially licensed by Ravenscourt
  • Made with ♥ by Gaya Entertainment


Action, Adventure
Product Type
Koch Media