Payday 2 Face Mask "Clover"

Lucky hand!

 The Irish burglar really has it all together. Her childhood wasn't particularly peaceful, as she grew up in a traditional fighter family in the dangerous corners of Dublin. Since Hoxton recruited her as a personal apprentice, she has been an indispensable team member of the PAYDAY gang. 

The high-quality mask in the style of Clover's favorite symbol, the shamrock, is a faithful replica from the game Payday. The symbol of her home also represents disproportionate luck - not that she would be needing...

Watch out, the gang is back! 

All fans of the iconic multiplayer hit PAYDAY will get their kicks with these high-quality masks. The massive masks made of vinyl let you fuse even deeper to your favorite characters of the game. 

A convenient rubber padding on the edges prevents unpleasant bruises. Thanks to the comfortable headband, the mask won't slip and is comfortable to wear, even when the heat is on. 

Perfect for Halloween, conventions or the next masquerade ball - just please don't rob any banks, better leave that to the professionals from the PAYDAY universe!


First-Person Shooter, Multiplayer, Shooter
Product Type
Face Mask
Starbreeze Studios