Twin Mirror Coaster Set "Line Art"

Don't spill your brew while on intellectual high ground!

Unveil the dark secret of the city of Bassword. In "Twin Mirror", nothing is quite what it seems, so you will have to search for evidence with unconventional means. Delve into the deepest corner of Sam Higgs's mind palace and get to the bottom of a tragic conspiracy which affects the entire city.

While you are there, don't let the thinker's coffee ruin your new furniture. With these coasters, you have on the one hand protection from unsightly stains and on the other hand a really cool makeover for your breakfast table. The coasters are of course water repellent and easy to clean. Thanks to the cork underside, your furniture will not suffer at all.


Adventure, Puzzle
Product Type
Coaster, Collectible
Bandai Namco