Fallout Wall Mount "Deathclaw"


  • Detailed, three-dimensional replica of a Deathclaw trophy.
  • Includes hooks and screws for wall mounting


Once it was the scourge of the wasteland ...

... now the highly aggressive Deathclaw adorns the wall of your living room!
The Deathclaw is probably one of the most notorious enemies of the entire wasteland of the Fallout series. Ever since the first Vaults opened their gates, many passionate hobby hunters have set out on the dangerous hunt for the alpha predators of the post-apocalypse. Quite a few of the reckless daredevils probably end up in the nests or bellies of the bestial reptiles, which were created as biological weapons before the great nuclear war. When the bombs dropped, they broke free and went straight to the top of the food chain.
You've probably encountered the deadly monstrosities yourself, whether intentionally or as victims of a surprise attack from the ground.
However, with tactics, luck and enough firepower, you can defeat the apex predator and craft devastating weapons or cook delicious steaks from the precious materials.
To show off your triumph, and to attract envious glances, it is not uncommon to hang the stuffed trophy of the Deathclaw on the wall.

Are you lucky enough not to have any Deathclaw nests in the nearby vicinity? You've hunted the nasty Deathclaws in every Fallout adventure and want to celebrate your courage in real life too? Then we have the perfect home decoration for you!


An exact replica of the Deathclaw - Perfect to hang above the mantel!

With this three-dimensional replica of a perfectly preserved Deathclaw head, you can certainly make an impression because fortunately, these beasts are not native to our neighbourhood. Nevertheless, they are notorious and will add a touch of respectability to your living room.
The young Deathclaw looks as if it had given its life in a merciless fight. The brutal expression conveys fear and terror among all who already had to deal with the vicious big game. With glowing eyes and bared teeth, this Deathclaw was ready for a deadly strike - but now the tide has turned.
With the included hooks and screws, you can easily mount the replica on your wall.
The two integrated brackets on the back of the Deathclaw's mount also allow you to replace it if you ever move on to the next C.A.M.P.



Action, Open World, Role-playing
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