Fallout Statue "Mothman"

The myth is real!

Come and join the cult, for the Mothman from Fallout 76 will redeem us all!
Once upon a time, this cryptid was a legend in the village of Point Pleasant. It was said that he predicted tragic disasters and his appearance heralded doom, but not for us, not for the Cult of the Mothman! Meanwhile, the eerie and hypnotic creature has been sighted throughout Appalachia, so is our homeland now doomed?
The legend is true, let us worship the Mothman and hope that he will enlighten us with his cosmic wisdom and guide us out of the chaos of the world. Let him hear and deliver us, for he is the prophet the land has needed. If we heed his warnings, we can survive these terrible times.

The perfect idol for every devout cultist!

Build a shrine to the sinister creature, half man, half moth. The creature is not always peaceful, but with enough devotion, the mighty Mothman will hear you and grant all your wishes. At least that's what we assume...
With his characteristic glowing red eyes, the Mothman stands on his pedestal and spreads his wings to welcome devout cultists.
In weathered silver paint, this statue looks like a relic of a better time, when the Mothman was obviously not sighted that often. A faithful replica of the statue from Fallout 76, this figure is eye-catching, even for people who have nothing to do with Fallout.


  • Replica of the Mothman statue from Fallout 76.
  • Comes in a special Mothman museum box



Action, Open World, Role-playing
Product Type
Collectible and decorative figure for young people and adults aged 14 and over. Keep out of the reach of children.